9. Aug, 2020


  1. You don’t need a visa to leave or enter Malaysia but the procedure at immigration counters remains the same. Bio-metrics, photo & stamp!
  2. You can apply & get a job comparatively easier than on a spouse visa but mostly in private sector. The govt. jobs, legal profession & some others remain a no, no for you! 
  3. You can do your business much easier than on a spouse visa, but running a taxi or e-hailing service is not permitted.
  4. The limit to purchase a property is quite lowered (apx around 300K) but still you can’t buy a low cost flat or benefit from buying subsidised Govt. housing schemes!
  5. Transferring/registering a vehicle in your name is possible on PR but the procedure requires you to be personally available at JPJ. The agents are not allowed to run for you!
  6. You cannot apply for Amana Saham or Tabung Haji on PR, unless you are a citizen!
  7. Getting a debit card like “BigPay” of Air Asia is possible but they do not recognise your PR status or Red IC as your identity document. You still have to produce your passport for your identity verification!
  8. Similarly, banking procedure is simplified after getting a PR as your bio-metrics are stored in the bank & it’s faster than with a passport having spouse visa.
  9. Most of the promotions, discounts & special price offers from various companies are not applicable for PR holders.
  10. Once getting a PR , the path to getting a citizenship on naturalisation is open, but this path is riddled with strict rules & very long period of being eligible...e.g for male foreign spouses,only after 10 years on PR, you can apply for citizenship!
  11. Also to apply for citizenship after one is eligible, you still have to pass a mandatory “Malay language” test which is equivalent to a Form 1 level of difficulty. (5th grade of school)
  12. In reality, there are scores of hidden limitations & discriminations even after getting a P.R. They come to light when you encounter them because otherwise they are not advertised or listed anywhere officially, but they do exist in every sphere of life. So, despite being on Permanent Residence, you still remain a foreigner in many ways!
  13. Having said that, there is also a prerogative of the state that they can revoke your PR status any time due to any reason. So, it’s not a permanent status that once you get it it remains, unlike citizenship.