Advancing and Protecting the rights of Foreign Spouses of Malaysian Citizens and their Children



Commenced by a group of non-citizen spouses in 2009 and functions under the auspices and guidance of Migration Working Group and Woman’s Aid Organisation, to advance, promote and protect the rights of non-citizen spouses married to Malaysians and their children.

Our Vision:

Non-Malaysian Spouses be empowered, enabled and encouraged with the right to reside and work with dignity in Malaysia.

 The quality of life for Non-Malaysian Spouses and their children is assured with equality, non-discrimination and without being limited, dependent or vulnerable on their Malaysian spouses.

Our Mission:

  • To ensure that the basic rights of non-Malaysian spouses are assured.
  • To empower and assist non-Malaysian spouses, their families and communities throughout the migration & settlement process
  • To build up the capacities of non-citizen spouses and their families, in the participatory process, to enable them to make their voices be heard. 
  • To encourage social and economic development of non-citizen spouses
  • To use the Rights Based approach in promoting and protecting the rights of non-Malaysian spouses and their children in the Migration process.
  • To provide an effective framework for national and regional advocacy.

Working Areas:

  • Migrants, Migrant Rights
  • Marriage Migration, the right to reside, work and own property
  • Marriage Migrants and their right to live with dignity
  • Rights of Children having one Malaysian parent

Services Provided

  • Handling online and telephone enquiries
  • Case Management
  • Counselling and on Line Advice
  • Legal Information
  • Medical Information Services
  • Employment Assistance and Guidance
  • Information service
  • Safeguard women and children against Domestic Violence
  • Local Cultural Guidance
  • Direct Spouses to other NGOs with bigger capacity, when necessary
  • Volunteer Training for foreign spouses
  • Research,mapping and preparion of a database of foreign spouses


Who we are:


We are non-Malaysian spouses with advance understanding on marriage migration, started this group to assist other foreign spouses in the marriage migration process to support their needs.